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  • Living a healthy lifestyle just got so much easier. The Teami MIXit is a USB rechargeable portable smoothie blender that allows you to make and take your smoothies + juice on the go! Just one press of a button and you’ll get your nutritious superfood smoothie in just 30 seconds. Six powerful stainless steel blades blend fruit, herbs, powders, veggies, and ice. No mess, no-spill, and no need to plug into a power outlet! Convenient, cute, and perfect for a busy, healthy lifestyle.
  • 持ち運びに便利なラバーストラップ付きのスポーツトップ
  • 耐久性のあるガラス製カップ(18.6 oz/ 550 ml)
  • BPA-free
  • 24 oz
  • Teami MIXitが届いたら、ランプが緑色に点灯してフル充電を示すまで、4-5時間充電してください。本製品を初めて使用する前に、洗うことをお勧めします。
  • Teami MIXitのガラスコップが本体(モーター部)に固定されていることを確認します。Teami MIXitに果物、氷を上から1.5インチ(3.8cm)程度まで入れてください。最大容量が決まっているので、規定の量よりも多く詰め込まないでください。
  • スポーツトップをしっかり止めます。ダブルクリックでブレンダーの開始と停止ができます。お好みのスムージーが完成するまで、何度でもブレンドしてください。
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Teami Blends' co-founder & CEO, Adi Arezzini, started having health issues at the age of 23 after her military service. Addicted to coffee, exhausted, constipated and bloated, Adi?s digestive system just stopped working. In search of an alternative to drugs or medicine, Adi read books about colon health and the negative effects accumulated toxins can have on your body. Adi started blending her own high quality loose leaf tea until she created the perfect formulation to help solve her own digestive issues. The people at Teami Blends are blenders at heart, meaning they love mixing teas, herbs and natural ingredients in order to make truly effective, plant-based solutions.