I STYLE フェイシャルローラー

brand: ReFa

Designed with a Double Quatro Roller surrounding its Swarovski Crystal core, the ReFa I STYLE provides gentle facial care with its rhythmic stimulation. This unique tool replicates professional "tapping" manipulation to reawaken the beauty of your expressions. The rhythmical and comforting stimulation evens skin texture and helps to beautifully tighten and tone your skin.


  • 太陽電池パネルをハンドルに固定した状態で光を取り込むと、穏やかな微小電流が発生します。
  • Platinum coating makes the ReFa roller compatible with even the most delicate skin
  • このアイテムは米国外へ発送できません
  • Revolveスタイル番号 REFA-WU5
  • メーカースタイル番号 RF IS1818B
  • 実際のパッケージと原料が異なることがあります。使用前にラベル、注意事項、使用方法を読んでください。

ReFa began in 2009 with the introduction of a single beauty roller, the ReFa CARAT, which was designed to replicate the professional massage techniques of an esthetician's hands. 10 years later, ReFa is the leader of beauty device market in Asia with over 10 million units sold. Now ReFa is expanding to North America and Europe with a product lineup of nearly 50 devices and a pioneering category called United Beauty, which combines skincare and wellness products with at-home beauty devices for accelerated results.