ALEX ワンピース

brand: PQ
Emerald Bay
本体: 82% ポリアミド, 18% エラスタン.裏地: 84% ポリアミド, 16% エラスタン. コロンビア製. 手洗い. クロスオーバーホルターネック. ウエストリボン付き. Revolveスタイル番号 PILY-WX672. メーカースタイル番号 EMB-563P.

PQ Swim is a "cabana chic" swim and resort wear line inspired by women who want to feel confident in what they wear. PQ encompasses everything a woman needs for a stylish getaway from sun up to sun down, offering supportive fits and flattering cuts. The alluring designs are inspired by life's travels... always within reach of an exotic beach and the sun's glowing heat. Just like you, PQ cares to help preserve the future of our planet. As a company, they are focused on using an environmentally-friendly process and believe the water is our home - and that we need to be part of the solution for our oceans.