ZAYLA ミニドレス
Michael Costello

brand: Michael Costello
Cobalt Blue
本体: 64% ビスコース, UBSX_0 レーヨン, 2% エラスタン.裏地: 100% ポリエステル, 5% エラスタン. 中国製. ドライクリーニングのみ. 裏地付き. プルオンスタイリング. リボン留め具付、ホルターネックスタイル. Ruched flowy satin fabric. Revolveスタイル番号 MELR-WD613. メーカースタイル番号 MCD845 S22.

A specialist in statement gowns, Michael Costello has dressed the likes of Beyonce, Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, and Lady Gaga. He became a household name in 2010 after appearing on Project Runway, and has since established himself as a designer of sexy show-stoppers. Think draped, jewel-toned fabrics alongside curve-flattering silhouettes with high slits and open backs. Guided by the principle that everyone should feel confident when they dress, Michael Costello is meant to be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. It is the ideal label for those nights that call for something striking and unapologetic to strut, spin, and sashay in.