Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

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The DRx SpectraLite ™ BodyWare Pro has a wireless and adjustable design that easily contours to all body zones, shapes, and sizes. It allows you to target multiple concerns in one sitting as 148 red LED lights and 68 blue LED lights work together to visibly smooth wrinkles, clear acne, reduce dark spots, and address mild pain all over your body. In three-minute mode, the red lights penetrate deep within your skin's dermis to support collagen production and address age-related concerns, while blue lights target P. acnes bacteria to visibly minimize breakouts. An additional 14-minute mode provides intermittent pain relief with anti-inflammatory red lights. Within days, you'll see a visible reduction of acne, and in weeks, you'll see the look of lines begin to fade. In 10 weeks, collagen has significant visible support while the appearance of deep wrinkles improves.


  • Targets fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots while visibly clearing acne, calming redness, and addressing mild muscle and joint pain.
  • ヴィーガン&クルエルティフリー
  • Place directly onto targeted area of clean, dry skin. Place directly onto targeted area of clean, dry skin.
  • Revolveスタイル番号 DDEN-WU35
  • メーカースタイル番号 BA568810
  • 実際のパッケージと原料が異なることがあります。使用前にラベル、注意事項、使用方法を読んでください。


  • For age- or acne-related concerns, press and hold the button for two seconds to turn on the device, then press again to select light setting (red, blue, or red+blue) and use for the programmed time of three minutes (per area).
  • For pain-related concerns, press and hold the appropriate button for two seconds to turn on the device and use for the programmed time of 14 minutes (per area). Device will shut off automatically when the session is complete.
  • 最高の効果を得るには、1日1回、対象部位に使用し、その後、週に2~3回、アルファベータ® エクスフォリエイティング ボディ トリートメント ピール(別売)を使用してください。