Bronx and Banco

brand: Bronx and Banco
Woven raffia exterior and lining. 中国製. トータスシェル樹脂のトップハンドル. 内側にジッパーポケット. 取り外し可能のショルダーストラップ. フロントにステッチで文字を表現. サイズは幅約16" x 高さ13.5" x 奥行き5". このアイテムはオーストラリアに発送できません. Revolveスタイル番号 BROR-WY6. メーカースタイル番号 BB-HAM-02.

Launched in 2009, Bronx and Banco encapsulates a sophisticated, chic and sexy design signature with a playful sensibility that reflects the impeccable style of the label's Founder and Creative Director, Natalie DeBanco. With a strong love of all things sartorial and a rich family history that is immersed within the international fashion industry, Natalie identified a gap in the market for high-end, affordable, classic and chic clothing that would be the best friend of the Australian career girl who can turn her outfits from day to night with the addition of a designer heel. It was in Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach that this idea turned into a reality and Bronx and Banco was born.